Unit 3: Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Value: This unit is valued at 20pts

Meaning: The requirements and freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.


There are known rules, responsibilities and rights that govern our lives every day. Some of these stem from guidelines thousands of years old and some are just plain common and decent sense. Our online lives are yet to have these rules provided and it is up to EACH OF US to create these COMMON and DECENT rules that protect our rights and provide us with responsibilities when engaging in our digital lives. The lives are not seperate and what happens online can change life offline, but YOU have to create the rules for online interaction and make sure they are solid enough to maintain balance and a general goodness to digital Earth. 


Respecting and referencing others' hard work

Following policies and knowing terms of service

Using technology to improve not destroy lives

Reporting inappropriate use of technology immediately

---- Complete the following assignment in class with direction from your teacher ---

Assignment: The Digital Ten Commandments (20pts)

You have a unique position. The dawn of the digital age is well underway and there are yet to be a set of rules delivered for how humans should behave and what rights they have when connected. Much like those in history before you this is your chance to write ten commandments (this time on digital tablets) that will focus on all that is needed for human kind to go forward into the digital era protected and in good faith.

DOWNLOAD THE ASSIGNMENT FILE HERE and either by printing or via teacher handout start making your DIGITAL TEN COMMANDMENTS come to life.

Don't forget:

Downloading of media, songs, videos, games

Accessing protected records


texting while driving

.......there are many more but these are a few to spark your commandments

Remember: It is up to all of us to direct, police, create the internet in a way that is good for all digital citizens of planet Earth.

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