Unit 4: Digital Etiquette

Value: This unit is valued at 20pts.

Meaning: The electronic standards or norms of conduct and procedures.


The proper way to use digital technologies is often not learned by reading a book. It is learned by watching others who are older or our own age group and making quick choices about the appropriateness of their actions. If we agree what they are doing is okay then we quickly adopt their standards. If we disagree with their actions we continue our search for a standard we then adopt. 

In other words, we watch others as models in order to determine what we do digitally. BE VERY CAREFUL not to give into peer pressure, cyberbullying or justifying actions just because you have found ONE ADULT who does it. You are responsible for GROWING the appropriate use of digital media and devices and always remember PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU TOO so please set the right example!

The issues:

Following Acceptable Use Policies

Using Social Media without knowing the full guidelines, rules and agreements

Using technology responsibly in a school or workplace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment


Activity #1: "NETiquette" Online Standards of Service Use (10pts)

Did you know that everything you post to Facebook and several other social media sites becomes OWNED and the property of Facebook and those other sites? 

That picture of you at the beach. That song you wrote and shared. That idea for a new product or business. Once shared on social media you have just handed over the ownership rights for free. Facebook and other sites can use all of your information for whatever purpose they want including giving that information to companies who can then agressively advertise their products in your direction.

You are going to do some research online and FIND 5 companies that teens need to be aware of when signing up for their services. All of those TERMS AND SERVICE agreements that you have to click "I AGREE" before using, have some serious conditions that teens (and adults) probably don't know exist.

The Assignment

1. Find 5 companies that use the terms and service agreements or have major conditions before use (ex. Itunes, Facebook, etc...)

2. Search the internet for forums discussing safety of terms and service agreements and see if you can find FIVE services that teens should look into further or consider further before continuing to sign up. The internet will have some sources that are very credible and others so make sure to find sources that look professional and don't take "Sally from Texas" as a professional unless you feel credentials have been proven enough.

3. Report this to your teacher in any manner they like. Remember to always provide links to your sources.

Hint: Search for "Terms of use agreements" or "Terms of service agreements" combined with words like "scary" or "terrible" or "extreme." This may lead to some services being called out online for their "FINE PRINT."


Activity #2: "NETiquette" Do What I say... (10pts)

The old saying "Do what I say not what I do" could not apply more when it comes to digital etiquette and how we behave online. You could be told by adults not to download pirated materials but you see a lot of them doing it and it sends mixed messages. Maybe they say you shouldn't swear but they do it every day even on social media which is permanently saved forever.

YOU MUST KNOW THAT THIS BEHAVIOUR IS WRONG. You are the only person other than the police who can change this behaviour and YOU can choose to personally SAY NO. By following along and doing the wrongs that others do you are breaking the law in most cases and lowering the standards of the digital world. You are the ONLY person that can make YOU improve our digital society moving forward. 

The Assignment:

1. Make a list of FIVE reasons/facts that will make YOU choose the right way of doing things in digital society. (10 -    2pts each)

Hint: "I don't want to go to jail"  or  "I know that a lot of work goes into songs and movies and the people should get paid" or " The adults in my life who are doing the wrong stuff online are not happy people....and I want to be happy"

Whatever your reasons make a list of FIVE reasons that will keep you on the path to creating a wonderful online world. 


Assignment #3: Is the Acceptable Use Policy Acceptable? (3pts)

** This may appear on your final assessment for Core Skills**

Grab a copy of your school's, district's or the province's acceptable computer or digital device use policies and read through it.

Suggest 3 ways it could be made more current or meaningful to students your age.

Here is the New Brunswick Department of Education Acceptable Use Policy. Look at entire section 6.2 for ethic use by users if you are unable to find a copy of your local document.

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