Unit 5: Digital Wellness

Value: This unit is valued at 22pts.

Meaning:  Physical and Psychological well being in a digital era.


We have the potential now to be connected online from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. This ability has positive aspects but the negative aspects can cause serious harm to you mentally, physically and in some cases claim your life.  We must be aware of the impact technology is having on our health and the not so hidden dangers of using it at the wrong time.

In this unit we will explore the real risk of instant death and the slow but painful end of life scenarios that overuse or inappropraite use of technology can cause. Please take this section seriously and do everything in your power to make sure you avoid these disadvantages of extreme technology access.


Obesity and health decline

Ergonomics and repetitive motion injuired

Distracted driving

Internet addictions (Gambling, Adult Materials)  and withdrawing from society

Cyber-Bullying and the lack of escape

Lack of sleep and eye strain

Poor posture and circulation

Finding balance


Activity 1: "One Mississippi"

You will need 2 meter sticks, a calculator, headphones for video, a pen and paper for answers or an electronic method.

Technology including mobile devices can be extremely dangerous to use in certain circumstances. DRIVING while using any technology that requires your vision is deadly. New drivers can have a sense of "invincibility" or think "It won't happen to me" but it does happen to people just like you every day.

In activity #1 you will learn how far your car travels each second "One Mississippi" your eyes are not watching the road at different speeds. It is hoped that seeing this distance will stay with you as you become a more experienced driver and will continuously remind you to ALWAYS stay focussed on the road.

Activity #1 is a video followed by a hands-on learning activity and several questions you must submit to your teacher when completed.

Watch and participate in this video by pausing along the way.


Activity: Head out into the halls with the meter sticks and your converted value and in a long hallway start counting off the distance. You will see how far you car goes EVERY SECOND you are looking away from the road at the speed you chose.

POST VIDEO QUESTIONS: (scored out of 12)

1. How did seeing these distances in meter sticks make you feel about looking away from the road when driving and why? (2)

2.Watch this video and then give one reason this commercial is effective and one reason why it may not change anything. (4)


3. Think of an invention that can help keep drivers from being distracted and summarize it here. (4)

4. The next time you are in a car with a driver who is speeding or repeatedly distracted do you think you will speak up and attempt to correct the errors? Why or why not? (2)


Activity #2: The Weight (10pts)

New Brunswick is leading the country in obesity (overweight people) which can be attributed to our diets but equally our SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES. Sedentary means to remain stationary without movement and our hours of digital connectedness are having a serious impact on our health.

You may be sitting there thinking "I am on the computer all the time and I am thin?"  The problem is at an early adult age we develop habits that are often hard to break later on when our bodies have a more difficult time breaking down fats. So, by becoming comfortable in a sedentary lifestyle or by being forced into one by your workplace you begin to develop habits that will lead to severe health problems and sadness later in life.


2. How can we focus on the hours of 3pm to 6pm daily to battle obesity? These are often hours after school we could be doing something active but we are often alone and can tend to play video games watch TV, and use mobile devices instead. HOW CAN WE FIGHT THIS? (3pts)

Activity #2: Take a few minutes to create a pledge sheet for yourself regarding your technology use habits. PLEDGE 5 PROMISSES to yourself that will keep you healthier for longer and beat the demands of technology in regards to sedentary lifestyles. (5pts)

Example: I pledge to limit my desktop computer time to 2 hours daily

Example 2: I pledge to not use ALL computer technology from 10pm to 7am daily to make sure I get a healthy amount of sleep nightly.

You think of some life changes that can keep you healthy and submit these to your teacher. Maybe one of your ideas can help fellow classmates?

Extend your learning: How can NB turn around our sedentary lifestyles and use technology in a personal health responsible way?

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