Unit 9: Digital Literacy

Value: This unit is valued at 20pts.

Meaning: the process of teaching and learning about technology and the uses of technology.


In some states in the USA they have added an extra official language to join English and Spanish as the official languages. CODING has become recognized as an essential future skill and those of us who don't know how to program computers and digital tech will find running the dishwasher and oven difficult soon. We are expected to know more and more aspects of digital tech every year but teaching has fallen behind. Th teaching and learning about technology and its uses could not be more important right now.

Activity: Senior's Saviour (20pts) You Become The Teacher for a "Needy" Group

Our senior population is quickly joing the internet age but they have not lived it as efficiently as you have. You will create a ONE PAGER that helps a senior learn a new TECHNOLOGY or USE for that technology.

Choose a technology or a use and create a ONE PAGE document that shows directions, images, and web resources that your senior could use to learn more.


Name of the tech or use for the service

Step by Step directions or detailed labelling of the tech's components

Images and arrows and flow creating lines and charts

Future learning resources


Suggestions: Youtube , Twitter, Internet Explorer, Google Sketchup, iPad/iPhone, Bluetooth, Netflix, Flickr, Gmail/Hotmail, Instagram, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, two step verification, Instagram, Spotify/Rdio, Apple TV / ChromeCast ,   you decide.

Snapchat????? ummm NO.....not for seniors....some things have to stay just for the young right?

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