NBCSA - Official WHMIS Training

The province has a WHMIS training system which is completely online and narrated. Your Teacher can access PIN #s for you that allow you to complete this section.


Teachers: Log into bbtnb.ca and see the educator only page (under Core Technology Skills)  for Info on how to get student PIN #s for the WHMIS Training and more useful info.

OR Contact mrk@crhs.ca using your government account for the information.

WHMIS Training Certification (2 Courses good for 3 years)

Follow These Steps

1)      Go to http://www.nbcsa.ca/NBCSAStudent/

2)      Enter in your  assigned PIN into the login box:

3) Press "Submit" to be  taken to the registration page.

4) Completely fill out the registration form, and press "Submit".

5) Your user IDs will be displayed below your registration information.These two user IDs are used to  access the eLearning courses through the same login box that the PIN was entered. Make note of these user IDs (or print them), and try not to lose them. First PIN# is for the first course and 2nd PIN# for the 2nd course.

6)      Press "Back" to return to the login screen, and use one of 
  the user IDs to log into a course.

7) Once all of the course's modules have been completed, you will receive a certificate to your registration email. You can now return to the login screen to enter your second user ID for the second course.

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