Careers in ICT

Careers in "Information and Communication Technology"

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As of May 2014, there is a green "Explore Careers" area of this page.

If you know what careers you want to search, 

  • Click the green "Occupation" button  ("Occupation" is another word for "career".)

If you don't know what career is a match for you:

  • Try the green "Skills & Knowledge" button (where you can choose from a list)
  • Then, click the "Occupation" button to find out more details for your career

So now you have a career (or small number of careers), then you need to find out these things and give the following information (on paper or digitally):

  • Type in the name of the career (and somewhere in Canada you will want to work)
  • This should bring up a report.  You need to write/type up this information:
    • On the JOBS tab, it shows how many jobs are listed right now in this category in your chosen area.
    • On the WAGE tab, it shows the median wage ($/hour).  If you click on the Wage tab, you can find the wage range, including Low, Median and High.
    • On the OUTLOOK tab, it shows 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars.
      The more stars, the more job postings there are for this job in your chosen area.
    • On the EDUCATION & JOB REQUIREMENTS tab, it shows the preparation you need to do before you can apply for this job.

When you have completed this for 3 jobs, then you are ready to present this information to your teacher and to the class.

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