Rocking Out


Section 1: Internet Research

Section 2: Persuasive Letter

Section 3: Spreadsheet Budget

Section 4: Poster Design

Section 5: Social Media Advertising

Section 6: Stage and Site 3D Design (Consider all workplace and general safety concerns a priority)

Section 7: Website Creation

Section 8: Concept Presentation

Optional Teacher Additions: 3D print the stage, Concert T-shirt Design, Local Newspaper article about the show


You will design an outdoor concert event for your home town. This massive event will involve 4 musical acts who are sure to draw large crowds and supported by your research of the billboard top 100 music charts at the time of design. You will write letters to the bands to persuade them to play your festival, you will design an adaptive spreadsheet for figuring out target crowd size and budget, you will make a poster, social media ads, and design the stage too. In the end, all of this hard work will be assembled into a website and shared with your teacher and peers. These are just a few important parts of what really goes into pulling off an amazing concert experience here in New Brunswick.


1. To create several aspects involved in event promotion

2. To assemble aspects of event promotion into an easily digestible form for public consideration.

3. To present this event plan to an audience of your peers.

Recommended Group Size:

Individually (or with a partner of similar musical interests)

  • If you work in groups your assessment will not necessarily be the same score and each partner will be accountable equally for each part of the project.

1. Internet browser for research

2. Word processing software (online or application)

3. Spreadsheet software (Online or application)

4. Photo editing / creation software ( pixlr.com or photoshop or GIMP)

5. A 3D design application (Google's Sketchup etc...)

7. A website authoring software or website (Even Microsoft Word can save as a .html website file if needed)

8. A projector and screen for presentation phase (if included by your teacher)

Time Required:

The Project should take 10 hours without the presentation section to complete if students are familiar with the software being used. If they are unfamiliar plan for 20 hours to allow for training before use.


1. Each stage will have a rubric for assessment which will be readily available at all times for both students and teacher reflection. Use it to guide your progress to a better grade. Ask questions when you feel the need.

2. Each class you will complete a digital or paper learning journal stating the progress made in that class period as well as anything (big or very small) skill or knowledge wise you may have learned.

3. Your presentation is the culmination of all your efforts and will therefore be marked only as fair piece of the entire project. It will not count for more than 30%.

Overall Items to Consider:

1. Immediately determine the NAME of your FESTIVAL. The LOCATION of the festival, The DATE and TIME of the festival, and finally the AUDIENCE SIZE expected.

2.You should begin your website design early so you can add finished pieces to it as you progress. (Weeby.com offers free and powerful website design for exactly the purpose you need)

3.You should research the Billboard top 100 and choose your acts wisely. (ex. Country music acts/audiences may not mix well with pop acts/audiences etc...)

4. You should become familiar with the software using tutorial videos and teacher assistance before designing and creating media.

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