Stage 1 - Chart Attack!



Video Intro: 

Text Intro: Head to Billboard's website and find 4 musical acts in the top 100 that could fit nicely together in a massive festival show for your home town. Can't find them on Billboard? Find them on another charts website but ask yourself honestly if you feel they will sell tickets. (Your mark will depend on good selections) Here are some things to consider:

- You probably want 2 newer acts who haven't been around long but have a great new album or a few massive hit songs

- You probably want an artist who has a few albums and is generally considered a celebrity and someone who isn't leaving the music business anytime soon

- You probably want a legend. An act that has over 12 releases and countless hits. Someone who a lot of your town has never seen live and would love the chance to do so. This would be your show ending act lasting over 2 hours.


You can't really get this wrong but you can offend some acts by not giving them the spot they deserve or the time they deserve. The bigger the act the longer they play and the larger their name should be on all publications. In the future if you have only room for one or two acts in a press release choose the biggest 2.

Choose wisely and it will influence the entire project. YOU ARE ALLOWED 1-2 CLASSIC ACTS WHO MAY NOT APPEAR ON BILLBOARD CHARTS

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