Overview: "Build a Wall"

Project 1: "Just Another Stick In The Wall"
Miniature Scaled Home Construction and Safety Certification

Quick Links to Project Sections
1. Description and Overview
2. Safety certification and training
3. Video tutorial for sketch and scaled drawing
4. Sketch and Scaled Drawing
5. Video Series for Wall Construction
6. Finished Product Examples
7. Video Series for Enrichment Full House Construction

Description and Overview:
You will be building a miniature scaled wall of a house using skills and terminology directly from industry. This project can be expanded to a point where you can build the entire miniature home and then add customization such as turning your scaled home into a working lamp. Pay close attention to the terms and techniques in the supporting video and use them in dialogue and practice with your instructor and peers. The skills learned in this project can be directly transferred to modern build sites with the exception of the method for holding the lumber together which is typically screws and nails on site.

1. To create a miniature house wall to scale.
2. To learn and appropriately use terminology associated with construction.
3. To understand and identify the workplace hazards on a build site and proper tool safety.
4. To identify areas of study and opportunities in the current job market requiring these construction skills and interests.

Recommended Group Size:
Individually to complete one wall
Pairs or Individually to complete a full structure

Required Materials:
1. 150 popsicle sticks (full structure)
2. Wood glue
3. Wood for foundation (or Pin Board)
4. Finishing nails or pins for supports
5. Small saw
6. A Ruler (inches and metric if possible)
7. Computer or device with video playback and sound playback compatibility
8. Internet or other access to instructional videos (DVD, Mobile Device storage etc..)

Time Required: (5 - 15 hours)
The Safety Component (3 hours)
The Wall Construction Prep (1 hour)
The Wall Construction (2 hours)
The Job Market and Education Analysis (1 hour)
The Complete Structure Prep, Drawings and Construction (6 hours)
Customization (1 hour)
Formal Assessment (1 hour)

Your Instructor will assess your completed wall for measurement, strength, and overall quality of the build
Your Instructor may have a formal test prepared on terminology and technical aspects of the build
The workplace Safety component has its own built in assessment standards but will be weighted in your mark
The Career aspect of the project may be accompanied by a written assessment or feedback piece

Overall Items to Consider:
1. Measure, cut, and build it right the first time
2. Though the tools are minor in scale they can do real damage if the proper care and respect are not given to them
3. If you enjoy this construction module you will have the opportunity to continue the rest of the structure. Register your intentions to do so as soon as possible with your instructor.
4. Avoid waste of materials as this costs money on the job site and marks in the BBT atmosphere

Activity 1: "Safety First" - Safety Certification and Training

Activity 2: "Wonder Wall" - One Wall Construction

The following is a series of stages with videos leading you through each step of constructing a miniature house wall to scale. It is expected that all the prep work (cutting, measuring, materials collecting) has been done before beginning this section. If the prep work has not been adequately completed it can cause imperfections in the construction and have an impact on your final mark.

Video Tutorial for Sketches and Scaled Drawings

Complete your sketch and turn it into a scaled drawing before continuing
Image 1 - Rough Sketch
Rough Sketch 1.png
Image 2 - Scaled Drawing
Scaled Drawing.png


Video Stage 1 -Ledger Strips and Plates

Video Stage 2 - Placement of Studs

Video Stage 5 - Installing the Jacks

Video Stage 6 - Headers Part 1

Video Stage 7 - Headers Part 2

Video Stage 8 - Window Sills

Video Stage 9 - Window Sills and RSOs

Video Stage 10 - Secondary Plate and Wall Standing

Activity 3: Assessment Time

Your instructor will now present you with an assessment that will test your understanding of the terminology and aspects associated with constructing a wall as well as safety protocols from your certification.

Activity 4: Job Market and Education Study

Using the resources and assignment below you will being a brief market student of both educational opportunities and potential career paths. Complete this research before continuing on to complete your full house construction if you choose to build it.

Activity 5: Home Sweet Home - Complete House Construction

Using the exact strategies outlined in the video series for the one wall construction sketch, scale, prep, build and assemble the remainder of the house.
Roofing is optional and can be completed using additional video resources here and an extra 1-2 hours.

Activity 6: Customization and Functionality

Let's turn your house into a functional keep sake light. Watch the video tutorial below to finalize your home as a project which can provide fond memories and a function for years to come.

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