Stage 4 - Classic Concert Poster



There are a lot of people around the world who collect concert posters and no doubt someone will want to add your's to their collection. Concert posters advertise everything a person needs to know but also in an artistic way.

Here are some things you will want to include in your poster.- Images of the 4 musical acts - The Date and Time of the show - The Location of the show - The NAME of the festival (large) - The NAMES of the four musical acts (Listed) -The PRICE - Important Rules (smaller) - A MAP to the location (image from internet or drawing) - YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS (if already set up...if not...just "SEE OUR WEBSITE") - Fake Social Media Info ( Twitter and Facebook)

Resource 1: In depth basics training in (After viewing you will be ready to produce amazing work)

Resource 2: See how to create a poster using and use the similar skills as you design your concert poster

Video 3: Using to create a concert poster

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