Digital Citizenship Education Introduction

Digital Citizenship Education New Brunswick

There are currently NINE aspects of Digital Citizenship all New Brunswick students should be familiar with before graduating. 

They conveniently form the acronym SCREWBALL. The screwball is a wild pitch to which it is hard for baseball players to adjust due to its seemingly random change in direction mid-flight. Our digital lives are similar in the fact that they seem to be rapidly changing as we try to adjust.

This acronym, developed by N.B. technology teacher B. Kelly, will not only help you remember the aspects of Digital Citizenship but also the idea that our digital lives are like a baseball pitch to which we are constantly trying to adjust. Digital Citizenship aspects will evolve and this learning experience will adapt to offer the most current information and guidance for New Brunswick students. By 2017 we will graduate students who have completed 10 classroom hours in Digital Citizenship Education. 


Last modified: Monday, 19 January 2015, 6:17 AM