Photoshoperation Challenge 3 - Be True To Your School

Photoshoperation Challenge 3 - Be True To Your School

Use Photoshop or a free alternative to realistically PAINT the School Team Bus in the project file so it can be the NEW VEHICLE FOR YOUR SCHOOL. Paint it proudly but most importantly realistically.  Consider adding a school mascot theme, local area landmarks theme, or even just a wild and creative design theme. 

You will have to find another photo to paint your bus with and this is where it is important to make sure you record the source of the image seperately for your teacher.

HINT: Make sure to identify the sources for you borrowed images for educational use. In this case the orginal website where the image was hosted should be identified and not simply "GOOGLE"

Option 2: Take a photo of your own school van or bus and customize it for your school either by making it more modern or updating the paint job.

Career Link: Automobile detailing is a rarely seen event for normal consumers but as the owner of a future business this skill is a desperate need. Application of stickers or complete custom paint jobs make business vehicles stand out and have proven consistently to increase sales and market awareness. Before you paint or customize the design of vehicle your customers will want to see your ideas digitally. This is a viable career opporuntity for students who have an interest in digital art and design application.

Website Resource: 

See The Tutorial Video Here

Download the bus file here for option 1 (Right click and choose save image) 

bus image

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