Photoshoperation Challenge 4 -Toon Town Photo Bomb

Challenge 4 - Toon Town Photo Bomb

Video Introduction

Text Intro: In the classic film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" there was a mix of real people and cartoon characters that looked very realistic. It was not the first time Disney introduced real people to cartoons and even more classic examples include Mary Poppins. You will have your shot at realistically combining TOONS and PEOPLE together in an image which will be marked based on its originality, realism, and number of characters in the scene. You may have to adjust the brightness to pull off the realism you are looking for,

Start by downloading some specific toon pictures and then some images of the real live people you want to combine with the toons. The scene can be in real life or cartoon life but whoever goes into the other world should look as real as possible,

Have some fun with this one. Maybe use your teacher with their permission or yourself?

Hint: If the cartoon you are using is black and white you may want to adjust the real life picture to black and white first before combining the two images. The skills are the same set as those used in challenge #1. See if you can recall these without the help of a video tutorial here.

Here are some examples from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Example 2

cartoon 2

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