Photoshoperation Challenge 6 - Epic Evaluation

Photoshoperation Challenge 6 - Epic Evaluation

Video Intro: 

This final challenge allows for your classroom teacher to introduce to you their own ultimate challenge that tests these skills and perhaps goes beyond. With a wealth of Youtube tutorials and websites out there to help you your teacher can introduce any challenge and allow you time to research the solution to sucessfully meet their demands.

Possible challenges your teacher could assign:

-Realistically bring a celebrity to your school

-Eliminate a person successfully from a photograph as if they were never there

- Design a potential page for the school yearbook highlighting all the cool things you do in your BBT classroom

- Compile a year in review page with all the celebs and events from the most recent year

Hint: Most of your challenges for this section will simply be the same skills applied more frequently ot in a new application. Your teacher may chose to add a new skills such as filters and this will require you to do a bit of research online or within the Pixlr help menus to figure out how to meet the new demand.

Go now and find your teacher and ask for the Epic Evaluation Challenge 5. Put your new skills to great use.

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