Unit 2: Digital Communication

Value: This unit is valued at 40pts.

Meaning: Any electronic exchanging of information


The way and how people interact has been changed forever. Social media, texting, and portable connected devices have made it more important than ever to examine the way we interact digitally. Is there a need to be in contact with other people all the time? Are some situations not appropriate for connected communication? Technology itself is never good or bad, it is the way it is used that creates those categories. In this unit we will examine the ways we use digital devices for communication and discuss possible threats and areas for improvement.

The issues:

Social Media

Instant Messages / Texting



Mobile Devices

Texting Acronyms

Downtime and Limits


---Complete all of the following Assignments or those indicated by your teacher ---

Assignment 1: Communication Compass

Download the file here and complete it before handing it into your teacher. If printing is not available simply reproduce the sheet onto looseleaf, digital device, or computer paper.

Assignment 2: Acronyms Attack

Download this file with an entire collection of acronyms that can be used when communicating digitally through text, messengers, or even live speech.

Answer the following for your teacher and submit

2.2.1 -  Can you think of THREE MORE school appropriate additional acronyms that can help save time during a digital conversation if the other party is aware of the acronym? Create new ones if you can't. (3pts)

2.2.2 - List four places where you would NEVER use acronyms when communicating digitally. For Example: On a digital resume. (4pts)

Assignment 3: Electronic Mail

When in the workplace there are still only TWO main forms of digital communication acceptable. EMAIL and PHONE conversations dominate the workplace with no real challenger stepping forward that can provide the equivelent formal setting.

There are certain things you should know before entering the workplace about structuring an email. Watch this video in its entirety as you may be tested on the information later

2.3.1 - Write your teacher a fake email using proper language, small attachment, subject, and formal (fake) issue. Make sure to Carbon Copy yourself in to prove you can use that function. (5pts)

Extend your learning:

When would you use a BLIND CARBON COPY in an email?

If you are writing a large group should all the others in the group be able to see everyone's email addresses? Could Blind Carbon Copy help?

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